The Ancient Future honors the past while moving forward, embracing the tension between history and relevance. 

I am an art director, graphic designer, and photographer driven by empathy. I work through a process that has roots in cultural and visual anthropology—an attempt at understanding how humanity documents and communicates itself to the world. 

This has allowed me to develop and push brands at all scales in different industries, ranging from small non-profits to global-reaching tech giants. I’ve had experience in the consumer brand spacehelping with marketing and art direction for various menswear brands. I have a passion for food/hospitality, getting hands-on experience in the kitchen, serving and hosting, all while helping articulate the narratives for chefs and their restaurants.

I enjoy meaningful relationships with people from different worldviews, journeys, and professions. Let me spot you a latte!

– Bloomed and planted in Los Angeles; has dreams of being in London.
– 2012 Graduate of CalArts; BFA in Graphic Design.

- Local Natives, Kimbra, Jaws of Love., Solange, Toro y Moi, Jon Foreman, Brooke Fraser.

©Augusto Piccio IV 2018