Cafe Gratitude: Renewed Cleanse 2021

- Hospitality
- Art Direction & Design
- Photography by Talie Dinwiddie
Cafe Gratitude rejuvenated it’s annual Meal Plan & Juice Cleanse for 2021 with the goal to help alleviate the anxiety and stress of the COVID 19 Pandemic through 2020.

The weekly menu features immunity-boosting ingredients and tonics to get people jumpstarted for the new year. With that in mind, the look and feel is vibrant, with a bright and energetic color palette and photography of food in abundance and vibrancy to emphasize these characteristics and encourage customers to subscribe.

We created a print campaign across all the Cafe Gratitude locations, in addition to a large-scale digital campaign on social media.

Photography by Talia Dinwiddie, Photography Art Direction & Styling by Augusto Piccio IV