Cafe Gratitude: Renewed Cleanse 2021

- Hospitality
- Art Direction & Design
- Photography by Talie Dinwiddie
Cafe Gratitude rejuvenated it’s annual Meal Plan & Juice Cleanse for 2021 with the goal to help alleviate the anxiety and stress of the COVID 19 Pandemic through 2020.

The weekly menu features immunity-boosting ingredients and tonics to get people jumpstarted for the new year. With that in mind, the look and feel is vibrant, with a bright and energetic color palette and photography of food in abundance and vibrancy to emphasize these characteristics and encourage customers to subscribe.

We created a print campaign across all the Cafe Gratitude locations, in addition to a large-scale digital campaign on social media.

Photography by Talia Dinwiddie, Photography Art Direction & Styling by Augusto Piccio IV

Strategically that meant talking less about touchy-feely and more tangibility or clarity in ingredients with health benefits and not so much about the ethereal benefits. It meant rethinking things like the "Question of the Day" from restaurant engagements with servers to social media engagements with fans and lovers of Cafe Gratitude.

Visually, this meant updating the system and grounding it into the earth—literally. The warm, earth-toned color palette combined with natural

textures from sand/dirt and organically created shapes (an abstraction of vegetables and plenty) created a language of rootedness and abundance.

As a whole, it creates an editorial look, feel, and sound, and elevates the Cafe Gratitude brand, and will keep looking fresh for years to come.

With an Art Direction assist by Zach Schinella and Brand Strategy work done by Another
©Augusto Piccio IV 2018