Lodge Room

The Lodge Room is music venue with an adjacent restaurant, Checker Hall, located in the historic yet vibrant Highland Park area of Los Angeles. Both spaces take over what was once previously the Masonic Lodge in that particular East Los Angeles region. Being a Historical Landmark, the building has been fully restored and retains some key features from the days the building was used by the Freemasons.
- Brand Extension
- Social Media Strategy
- Photography
For the Lodge Room instagram, we created a visual extension of an already established look and feel, utilizing the scrollable carousel feature as a dynamic way of announcing upcoming performances and events happening at the Lodge Room.

The goal was to create a unified look and feel that would not feel like a mashup of different visual styles and vernacular but instead be more of a buttoned-up and unified look and feel for the Lodge Room’s external assets. This would develop a level of familiarity and also the identity of The Lodge Room at an external glance.

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