Cafe Gratitude: A World of Plenty

- Brand Development
- Art Direction
- Hospitality

- Publication
- Photography: Augusto Piccio IV, Another
Café Gratitude has been a mainstay of the plant-based food industry in Los Angeles for over 10+ years. With plant-based dining rapidly becoming a norm, it was time to remind everyone that CG was—and still is—a pioneer in this space with a rebrand.

The zine itself is a tangible signal that while there is a visual change happening, it also reinforces and reinstates to the employees that the internal culture of CG has not changed: to be rooted in real, whether that be with the transparency of our ingredients, and cooking, or with each other. Most of our working staff speak Spanish as their first language, so it was important that the zine would be bilingual because these people are the unspoken heroes of the restaurant. We wanted to make sure they were seen and heard.