Brand Development
Art Direction

Seifer was a startup athletic apparel company that specializes both in perfecting fit but also ethically sound.

A big component to Seifer’s apparel is that it’s made of polyester that is recycled from old clothing as opposed to recycled plastic, reducing the amount of offset waste that goes back into the global ecosystem.

With a less democratized sizing style, the product is guaranteed to fit based off of body type and height.

With the vibrancy of the color palette, the natural photography, and even down to the humanist typeface decisions, the visual look and feel of Seifer was meant to feel active, athletic, but also very much approachable and attainable. The verbal tone of the Seifer was meant to be witty, upfront and honest; not taking themselves too seriously but always gearing up the user for a win.

©Augusto Piccio IV 2018