- Digital Design Director
- E-Commerce Design
- Pop-Up Installation
- Digital/Print Marketing

Apolis is a B Corp Certified men’s lifestyle apparel brand with headquarters in the Arts District in Los Angeles Their “advocacy through industry” business model is a form of social entrepeneurship that allows Apolis to partner with different artisans all over the world who otherwise would not have a chance at the market, and create various types of products including men’s apparel, accessories, and even homeware. In return this allows those markets to thrive, creating a form of work, employment, savings, and growth for people in those countries.

They’re are most notably known for their Bangladesh Project Market Bags, which they create with a collective of female women in Bangladesh that they have had a relationship with that spans over a decade.
Various e-mail campaigns promoting different events, seasonal items, travel, or Apolis Nomads, influencers that are making a global impact around the world.

Different Social Media posts for Instagram promoting or recapping events.
Postcard about the history and business model of Apolis.

Global Citizen Exchange Apolis Mexico Project, showcasing a new partnership with glass-blowing artistans Studio Xaquixe in Mexico, featuring housewares made by hand. In collaboration with Chivas and Indiegogo. Read more here.