Your Spot LA

Brand Development
Art Direction

Your Spot LA is a boutique real estate group based out of Los Angeles.

With the ever-growing use of technology, algorithms, and discount brokerages, real estate has become an even more daunting task: an over-saturation in the market, a growing niche of expensive and out-of-touch agents, and a lack of support and guidance from real people.

Your Spot LA wants to help future homeowners who want to plant roots in an overwhelming housing market find the right place to call home. That means advocating, rooting, and representing you when trying to buy a home and using our knowledge and expertise to make you feel like a local in your future community.

With that in mind, Your Spot’s visual system is warm, inviting, yet confident and self-assured, with a palette of natural earth tones and authentic textures. The photography echoes the same characteristics, emphasizing natural light to set a moody, lived-in tone that invites your imagination into your potential new home.