Wise Cub: Gallows EP

- Brand Development
- Print
- Photography
- Art Direction

Logo and artwork developed for alternative rock band Wise Cub for their EP entitled “Gallows.”

Gallows is the first official EP to be released by Wise Cub. Similar to the “Some Honesty” Poster series, each track has corresponding artwork that is a visual representation of the song. Each song has it’s own tone, in addition to having a combination of mixed mediums of approach, ranging from inkwash, calligraphic pens, photography, and digital manipulation.
The cover of the EP features a painting by Gustave Dore entitled “Inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead recovering the bodies of Saul and his Sons.” The painting speaks of the propensity of man to swell himself in pride and the savagery that can come from jealousy. Pride and jealousy are things we conjure up ourselves, and in fact can be a self inflicting act of personal torture.

The “Wise Cub” logo embodies the amazing and talented hands that craft beautiful and poetry and melody of Wise Cub. Honest, humanist, and only slightly refined.