Roman Catholic Dioceses of Orange County

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County is a growing faith-based community of believers in Orange County, California.

After purchasing the Crystal Cathedral Ministries’ property from Reverend Schuller, the Diocese wanted to maintain its rich Catholic history but also become an open door for its multi-generational congregation that are either active or loosely tapped into the Diocese community.

To continue this pioneering mindset, the visual system features a robust tooklit that honors both tradition and modernity.
Brand Development
Work created as a Designer at Innovation Protocol with:
Jeremy Tucker - Associate Director, Brand Development
Jamie Sperling – Senior Manager, Brand Development
Billy Otteman – Associate, Brand Development
Matthew Müller – Design Director

When Reverend Schuller began his ministry, he worked with famed architect Richard Neutra to construct his church’s first sanctuary, the Arboretum. To honor Reverend Schuller’s work and continue the pioneering spirit of faith, We utilized Neutra as a headline typeface, used for all entry points into the visual system.

The color palette derives from the Heraldic Device, a Catholic symbol representative of each Diocese. Naturally the colors are both warm and cool tones,being bold and dynamic and a balance of strength and approachability.