Reality SF: Bread Journal 2023

- Art Direction

- Publication

The Reality SF Bread Journal is a take on a Lectio Divina, a guided and contemplative way to read scripture. It has roots back to the early centuries of the Christian Church and was established as a monastic practice by Benedict in the 6th century. This particular Lectio Divinafeatures a guide on using the book and a reading plan that takes you through specific scriptures throughout the church year.

The book showcases a custom ornamented pattern that draws inspiration from the trusses throughout the Reality SF building, particularly in the main sanctuary (featured as a background image on one of the spreads). And by chance, these features lend themselves to creating the Reality SF icon hidden within the trusses' shapes, creating an even more complex story beyond the utilitarian use: the story of Reality SF is part of the building itself.

This story continues throughout the journal: the core ornament can be decorative and structural, harkening back to the trusses. It turns into a pattern that can fill pages or fragments into distinct pieces of different sizes and weights, assembling a structure that harkens back to classical layout design. It creates a beautiful marriage of the ancient future and an exquisite example of modern and traditional.