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CalArts Practicum Workshop
Instructor: Nicolas Bourquin of onlab

CalArts Practicum Workshop with Nicolas Bourquin of onlab

During this workshop, the class was split into groups of two, and we were prompted to create a daily magazine that would be relative to current events, ranging from different subjects of culture, sports, local, world, business, and others. We were to asked to sketch, design, and print the entirety of the magazine within three hours. The schedule was as follows:

9AM: Editorial meeting
10AM: Present sketches and direction
11:30AM: Spreads to production group
NOON:Printed and distributed

All spreads were done in collaboration with Elizabeth Alexander.

For the first issue, we designed an article about the SOPA protests on the web and visually represented various websites' reactions to the SOPA/PIPA acts and how it would affect the spread of culture across the world.

For the second issue, we talked about Phillips' choice to bring their factories back to the Netherlands from China. This decision will be more efficient for the company, and create additional jobs for the Dutch.
We were in charge of the production and cover for the third issue of newsjungle, which incorporated two major themes: Chinese New Year and local facebook status updates among our peers. We shot photographs of models wearing traditional Dragon-head costumes worn in parades during Chinese New Year celebrations.