Departures - Title Sequence

In the movie Departures, the main character, Daigo, loses his job as a cellist for a symphony in Tokyo and is forced to move his family back to his hometown in the countryside of Japan. There he finds work as a Buddhist mortician. Culturally, any work dealing with dead bodies is seen as degrading and dirty, and Daigo tries to keep this job a secret from his family and friends. While he feels disgusted at first, he eventually discovers the beauty in the burial ceremony and begins to embrace it as an honorable and respectable way to send off the souls into their next life.

The feelings of solitude, the transitional stages of life, and a return to nature are big themes represented in the movie. Using traditional sumi-e painting techniques, the style reflects these quiet and subtle moments that take place in the story.
- Video
- Motion Graphics

CalArts BFA-3 assignment
Class: Graphic Design III
Instructor: Michael Worthington.