7129 Is No Longer Made; I Like Other Colors Too

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In collaboration with Armando Martinez-Celis.

A Poster promoting Autumn Le” Brannon”s Thesis show at CalArts.

The poster was created in the direct spirit and influence of the show, a breaking down of a personal facade created at such a young age in fear of ruining a “perfect image” to a person who she cares deeply about, her nan.

In this series, I display video documentation of my grandmother’s hands knitting articles of clothing for me.

This first image is juxtaposed with a cell phone video addressed to my grandmother, taken of myself at a time when I thought I might die. I also display a self-portrait in which I am wearing everything she has knitted for me – in the same color. The portrait and video are accompanied by three small portraits of the perfected girl I use to be, when I first came to live with her.

I also display collected documents addressed to friends instructing them to hide the evidence of an adult me: a woman that has had sex before marriage, and has things to hide from a caregiver generations apart. The desire to protect her and her love of me has created unnecessary pressures that have existed too long. I have explored these pressures in hopes of beginning to rid myself of them, and finally relieving myself of these expectations.