"If____, Then____." Installation

“If ____, then____.” forms the axis between 4 different year levels in the BFA program.

The work shows the progression of our design education, while also presenting a synthesis of conceptual meaning, personal value, visual language, and process. The show develops a new way of thinking about student design that spans larger than schoolwork, but rather our relationship with design and the world. It showcases work that represents different approaches, diverse cultural backgrounds, and varying professional trajectories. For the 63 designers of the undergrad program, It is a culmination of different questions and the limitless possibilities to meet various answers or goals. “If ____, then ____.” is the main configuration of everything we do:

If x, then y.
If why, then how?
If____, then____.

Our answers would differ, and our solutions would vary, but all would be valid means to an end or even a new beginning.
- Installation
- Print
- Art Direction