Austin, TX based 21CT created products and solutions for fraud detection and network security, primarily working in the medicaid and health space. 21CT had created Torch, a future-forward step in the hopes of going beyond the health space into newer entry points of data access. Understanding that data is at the core of its being, Torch was created to be a powerful data analytics tool that made accessing data both easy and created to be accessible for different types of people.

Brand Development

Work created as a Designer at Innovation Protocol. with
Stacey Derkatch – Senior Analyst, Brand Development
Brian Fitzpatrick – Senior Analyst, Brand Development
Matthew Müller – Design Director

Inspired by the spirit of Torch, we continued the ease and clarity into the visual assets for 21CT by emphasizing clear space and legibility with a controlled use of an extensive color palette and also choosing typefaces that were legible on screen and in print.

We also created complex yet colorful and eye-catching data-driven patterns that could be generated mathematically or with actual data to showcase both the ambiguity and beauty of data, and could be used to create different experiences both meaningful and beautiful.