LACBA: Counsel for Justice: Branding/Identity

The Counsel for Justice is the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s service projects center where they provide access to pro bono legal services for the local community, assisting victims of domestic violence, immigration assistance, veteran assistance, AIDS services, and civic mediation.

As a foundation to build upon, We extended the current visual system LACBA had it place, utilizing the existing color palettes, typefaces, and the hexagon shape.

For the logo, we wanted to represent that the CFJ is an authoritative figure as a “counsel of justice” for the people by creating a shield or badge-like shape. In addition the upward-facing arrow serves as a reminder to aim higher and to rise up for the community.

The pattern is a metaphor that at the core of Counsel for Justice is the connection it has to the local community of Los Angeles.

Work created as a Designer at Innovation Protocol with
Anna Drabik – Associate, Brand Development
Cody Boeger – Analyst, Brand Development
Matthew Müller – Design Director